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Mission Statement:

The Florida Sport Fishing Association (FSFA) is a non-profit organization formed of individuals and families sharing a common love of sport fishing, the natural resources and supporting the local area communities where we live with the belief that through education, the sport itself and the resources upon which it depends can be preserved and advanced.


  • Provide an environment and the means to improve our members fishing capabilities and success and to improve the sport fishing education of the community

    • FSFA point fishing scoring system and awards

    • Provide and make available to our members expert presentations and sport fishing related seminars

    • Annual Port Canaveral Kids Fishing Clinic 

  • Take an active role in the sport fishing community with other similar organizations whose goals and objectives are aligned with FSFA by providing and offering either membership in and/or support for common causes

    • International Game Fish Association (IGFA), Coastal Conservation Association (CCA), Florida Wildlife Conservation Commission (FWCC), Fish Florida (Florida Foundation for Responsible Angling), IRL Calm Restoration Project and Cooperative Science Services, LLC- aka “Dolphin Tagging Research Project” for example.

  • Provide support for local area organizations whose activities benefit the aquatic & marine resources we share and/or provide special services for segments of the population.

    • Brevard Schools Foundation, Scouting and various local organizations introducing youth to fishing

  • Initiate, sponsor and execute fundraising activities centered in the sport fishing arena to help provide the monetary resources necessary to carry out our goals and objectives.

    • Annual FSFA Auction, Annual FSFA Offshore Slam Fishing Tournament

  • Initiate, organize, sponsor and implement, working with local jurisdictions, artificial reef deployments in the local marine area.  

    • Co-sponsor such events with CCA and CFOA and local fishing groups

    • Work with the Canaveral Port Authority, USCG, FWCC, local firms and governments.               

    • Hummingbird Reef, Shelby Lee, Lois DuBois, Damocles, Titan 1 & 2, FSFA Site 2 Culverts (New reef deployed August 2015 inside Pelican Reef)

The "Florida Sport Fishing Association" is a 501(c)7 non-profit organization. PO Box 1216 Cape Canaveral, FL 32920

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