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The FSFA was established in 1968. It is a family oriented, non profit organization dedicated to promote and advance the enjoyment of sport fishing in the Space Coast area and throughout the state of Florida. The Club is actively involved in resource conservation, artificial reef building, youth projects and community service. Through education and economic contribution, the FSFA strives to do its part to preserve and enhance the precious marine resources for future generations to enjoy. 

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4F8B5BF9-4892-4E85-98CA-54EAD3EC38F1 - EditedFishlips Spacefish: Brevard County Fishing Report

FSFA has monthly Club Meetings at two locations;

FSFA South location club meetings are on the 2nd Tuesday of the month at 6:30 pm, Front Street Civic Center. Location:  2205 Front Street, Melbourne, Fl 32901.

FSFA Central location club meetings are on the 4th Tuesday of the month at 6:30 pm, Veteran’s Memorial Park. Location: 400 South Sykes Creek Parkway, Merritt Island, Fl 32952.

 Meetings start with a social time from 6:30 – 7:00 pm where food and drinks are provided for a donation. At 7:00 pm guest speakers educate and entertain us with both inshore and offshore fishing topics.

In June we have our Annual Offshore Slam Tournament, which typically attracts about 150 fishing teams and is our biggest fundraiser. During the year the club has a point system for keeping track of members’ catches. Occasionally one of our members earns enough points (1,000) to become a Grand Master, which is a tremendous achievement that we celebrate at the Annual Awards Banquet in January. We also crown Club Champs (Overall, Saltwater, and Freshwater) and recognize Fish of the Month winners and announce the Fish of the Year. During the Banquet members are encouraged to offer Members’ Challenges to catch specific species in a specific manner. The challenges come with a monetary award, and winners are announced at the Banquet.

Meetings are open to the public. If you would like to join the FSFA, the membership fee is $50.00 annually from enrollment date and you can join at any club meeting. The FSFA Board welcomes you to our Club Meetings and are available for any questions you may have regarding FSFA and the various amenities the Club offers.

     Artificial Reef to be built off Brevard County 



FSFA Providing Fishing Opportunities

FSFA has been involved in deploying artificial reefs since the 1970’s in order to provide increased fishing success out of Port Canaveral.  The most recent effort has been the artificial reef site 16 miles due east of the port in 80 foot depth.  We began this effort working with Brevard county as well as CFOA and CCA in 2013.  Since that time we have deployed 8 artificial reefs at that location and we have already been funded for another reef in 2024.  This reef will be the biggest to date with a gross weight in excess of 800 tons. These reefs become a heaven for all species of fish,  both bottom and pelagic, which in turn provides anglers for more structure to pursue their sport.

There is also a new effort to acquire a permit for a 2.5 mile reef directly east of the cocoa beach pier.  This reef will be within state waters and FWC rules will apply instead of federal regulations.  This means that legal sized red snapper will be open for harvest year-round.  We are hopeful to get this site permitted in 2024 with a deployment in 2025 – 2026 timeframe. 

Your support and contributions make the artificial reef project a reality for the fishing community and local businesses.

Warmouth stacking up...should be around through May for competitive point fishermen or great eats.
Foam fly poppers, no chance at surviving through one fish
Flying Saucer
Found some big bluefish on January 1, 2024.
Sunrise thanks to Canada
Orphans abandoned in the Mangroves
Penn Slammer 2500HS, 10# Braid w/ 30# Floro...tuna reel.
Not just for topwater bass fishing anymore...light tuna
West End Grand Bahamas 6-21-2023
West End Grand Bahamas 6-21-2023
West End Grand Bahamas 6-21-2023
West End Grand Bahamas 6-21-2023
Tarpon hole
Catch of the day
Catch of the day
May 30 -- 28lbs, according to the boga grip
Grouper Finger
Mark with a 42 lb dolphin from Bakers Bay Abacos
Dolphin 19.3 kg = 42.54 lbs weighed by Ed Dwyer at Bakers Bay Abacos
Ed playing the role of weigh master for this dolphin
Wheel barrel full of meat fish from Bakers Bay Abacos
The red fish appeare to be on nearly every shoreline in my area. The water is surprisingly clear.. Bait and artificial seem to be just fine right now. Our new member George and of course Frank, reel
1981 - on our 222 Auquasport
Triggerfish while fishing for Yellowtail Snapper in Key Largo
Key Largo AJ
Wind Special
Sadist's protege
Sadistic Snook
Took my Minnesota friend fishing South of and in the inlet today where we landed an assortment of Bluefish, Flounder, catfish, small snook and trout. Seemed like no one else was on the water with us.
1st Slot 2023 4 # Test
This would turn out to be the one I've been chasing going in to the 5th year/season now. Really tuff challenge to complete when these beeder sizes are only here for about 5 weeks per year.
Little Ugly
Short of goal
I got a chance to Field test (find fish, burn drag) the new PENN AUTHORITY High Speed Spin in 2500 series. I loaded it with 20# braid. Cranked the drag down tight and went to work. Feather smooth
My sister Debi and brother in law drove over from Astatula early this morning. I reckon they got found. 11 Drum and back at the ramp by 10. 38" to 45" range in this school. They like gulp better
C - 54 Special
Early Season
All of the fish in the school were plus or -3" in length plus or -4" in girth of this fish. When you find them like this they will darn near eat a painted hook.
River Baby
Baby Got Back...7 # 4 oz
We found about 80 Rays... no Cobia on them yet. Water was 78.7° this morning. Reds and Snook are loaded. Go early for best artificial catch. Once bait fishing folks show up later, the artifici
12' deep, north of tip. Follow the flying fish... 😆
Almost broke my rod when it made its second blistering 250 yard run. I was using my 2 speed Penn with General #80 main line, 120# Florocarbon Leader....phew
Mangrove In Disguise
Fun Time
Mangrove Runner...4 # test
22 lbs on slow pitch jig
Couple players today.
They are back in force. River has 20pt Fly, Ultra, Spin and Plug...occasionally the 10pt LG is there. LG and G is typically in the ocean school, Feb Mar time frame. Up to 110# Drum in that school.
PB on the IRL.
Baby Vudu at Work
4 # Test Fun
Brawlers Neighbor
Mangrove Brawler
A Real Striped Bass/Striper. We have never seen one this big this far south. Also, very late in the year. Typical non-hybrid Stripers run in the 2.75 to 4# range and in the winter when they are
230 am under the full moon....
These birds are focused and waiting... me too. I want what they see... every predator fish in the river is feeding heavy.
72" x 55# Mark W
The bass almost looks as good as the shirt
C - 54 Super Speck
This was along for the ride... no clue when it got on-board but found it at the boat ramp
March 2036 FOM Entry
1st Red 2022
JP & Moose waiting patiently for that boat rod to bend. Here, fishy fishy...
The 120 Mile Buoy on a relatively calm December day.
Frigate bird helping we humans locate fish...
A Yellowfin tuna leaping out of the water near the 120 mile buoy
The sun rising majestically just off the beautiful Florida Coastline. A gorgeous day for fishing!
Big Shiny Thing
Warm water putting the brakes on the Specs but the Bluegill don't mind at all.
C-54 13.25" 1# 6 oz
Dec 2021 Scamp on the jig.
Itty-bitty-kitty (Channel Cat)
Daily Fly Box. Covers freshwater, saltwater inshore, offshore near and the river system.
Got to do something pretty cool the other day. I was asked to be a camera boat for Blair Wiggins outdoors on the mosquito lagoon airing next March time frame. I thoroughly enjoyed it
Cranked up the Ladies
Future FOM/FOY
Port St John power plant closes Sunday at midnight. All fish are Paddle tail friendly. No 4# ladies but plenty over 2#.
Pomp's showed up today. Power Plant. Currently sitting in the calmer water around North Discharge. As the plant water warms up, they will move outside of the property line. Typically around 1st of
Went ready and found reds in the bite and large Spanish Mack's on the tip. Several assorted species.
Point fishing the tip... take everything and be ready. See what we get in the morning
Mayan Cichlid caught today, IRL. I did not know they were in saltwater. Info I found was that they are not found north of Lake Okeechobee. These guys are very lost.
Mullet are here. Predators that follow are here. Currently stacked near the north jetty. If u go, go early to get the spot you want. Fishing is heavy there. Not many slot snook, mostly over.
Buddy in St Augustine told me this morning that the Mullet are still thick enough to walk across... good news unless we get bad weather. There is a bunch already here with more coming!
Fishing mangroves Banana River with a paddle tail and look what showed up!
They're Back
School of about 80 to 100 fish...more like what I'd call a large Pod. We found them and they readily took flair hawk, bucktail and my buddy got one on 4" gulp. Boat issues made the morning short but
Dock Snook ?????
They feel stronger on this run. They should be split up before 22 Aug. Full moon. On most bridges now. Have fun. Hardest pulling fish that's easy to catch or at least hook-up and inexpensive to g
Approx 60' x 110' wad of drum and bait
Moon phase past... back to structure for the Drum. Massive schools today.
Dock Brawler
Night bite.. larger channel cats. This one was just shy shade over 9#. Spawn should start soon. Great opportunity for topwater and artificial. For fly fishing, oversized clouser/baitfish
Not pretty but great on fly.. shade over 5#. Took the Mullet Fly intended for others.
Mangrove Surprise
3rd CCA Entry 34 "
Got a good one today with Dave Robb.
2nd CCA Entry
1st CCA entry 28.5 "
Friendly reminder... Don't take Tarpon out of the water for picture. Over 40" it actually illegal to lift from water, even briefly. If you do, I wouldn't post the pic. Tricky fish to measure in
I've hooked 8 beach tarpon this year so far, but this is the only one that stayed hooked. Most were 40-80 lbs, but I had a triple digit on for one jump. I use live pogies, pilchards, and threadfins on
31.5" snook ate right at the boat. Live mullet.
Nice mixed bag of triggers, tiles, porgy, snapper, and mahi.
Here's one of many big ones I've caught in the dark. I'd say mid 40s and probably 35-40 lbs because of how thick thus fish was.
48 inch light tackle flats monster
Orinoco Sailfin Catfish. Freshwater St John's. Cast netting shiners
Topwater still working a little
11" Big Mouth Bass candy 🍬
They are slowing down
Eric throwing back the short ones
Swordspine Snook
We easily limited on king mackerel with live bait.
This was the second deep drop of my life. The first drop produced a golden tilefish as well, but it was a much smaller one.
Tarpon have been biting in many areas of the IRL. Use live mullet or paddletail type swimbaits.
5 ft IRL tarpon (same fish)
5 ft IRL tarpon
Pretty Baby
On slow pitch jig
on slow pitch jig. Best tasting fish of the trip.
On the first drop with slow pitch jig
Sunset day 1 - Pulley Ridge Trip out of Key West on the Yankee Capts
Fun back to back jack
2nd tarpon on the fly before school
The fly I tied that caught all the tarpon
First tarpon on the fly before school
First sword spine snook on the fly before school
beach snook
Flat Head Red
Good Spot
Woke Line Sider.
Here's the biggest of 5 drum I landed last Saturday.
One of two decent dolphin
Wretched Snook
73 years young...27 lb'er
Flats Fun
Starting to get right
Little Fatty
1# 10oz Yellow Bullhead....good'un
Sunshines are starting... hoping for a good run this year.. this one came from the Econ. No football shaped ones yet
Nasty ole' Bowfin aka mudfish
Brown Bullhead
L to R Yellow Bullhead (local names, butterball, yellow belly), White Bullhead (mostly referred to as the White Cat) Channel Cat (Most plentiful and the largest in this part of the state). Only one
White cat left vs channel cat on the right
Yellow Bullhead.... this is actually about my personal best
C - 54
Carol with a St.Johns slab
USPS Special
River Bass
Fire in the Sky
2lb 10oz plug tackle
They're Back
C-54 First Cast.
Wouldn't Bite
C-54 20 inches 4# 8 oz
C-54 21 " 4 # 12 oz
Silver Prince Entry
Strange Red
Dave and Nick....House boat and new friends on the St Johns River
Neighborhood Drummer
Fun Time
CCA Entry
CCA Entry
Pretty Baby
Nick PB Smallie...way up north!!
220' of water just short pf the City Tankers
Buoy Line Kingfish
Hungry Baby
06/08 Fat
06/08 Sword Spine
06/08 Common
Finally found a bass on the St Johns River
Silver Grouper
Baby Slot
31 " fork, 19 " girth
45# Giant Trevalle (GT) Big Catch
Neighborhood bass
Cute Baby
Bunny Back Stroke
Big Sis Thug
Lil Sis Thug
Virgin Find
Back in from the party
6.5 lb St. John's River Bass
Beautiful scene on the Econ River
Mangrove Thug
a five pound bass on a nice afternoon
January bass fishing in Orlando
just shy of 8 lbs
Illegal Immigrant
4 # test, 17 inches, 3 # 1 oz
4 # test, over 31 inches, 11 # 10 oz
Chokoloskee Goliath caught in the mangrove.
Emily’s first Chokoloskee redfish
Bassin in December at the Stick Marsh. Steve Collins and myself managed 25. Most were 1.5# to 2.5#, but very chunky and healthy. Great early winter fun.
Annette's tripletail
Annette's tripletail 22" 11/23/2019
Emmy's slot snook! 30" 9.5 lbs.
29” red at New Smyrna Beach
SJR channel cat
Lorna’s first snapper, 25#
Nice snook out of the Port
Bass with all head and no body
IRL mullet muncher
Faux Jack 3 # 10 oz
Emily looks a little leery of her ribbonfish!
Annette gets a nice slot snook!11/09/19
Bill (Riverrat Jr) & Dave (Riverrat Sr) collared six channel cats on the SJR Wednesday morning. No monsters but nice fun.
Another of the SJR Cats for Riverrat Jr.
This Lady fish was almost as big as Emily! 24 inches!
Emily's first Snook!
Emily's biggest catch so far!
Getting Better
Coming Attraction
Sword Spine
My grandson Will & son Alan, each with a good Smallie from Drummond Island Michigan.
Alan with a 4# plus bronzeback.
A 4-2 and a 3-6 Smallmouth from D.I., Michigan
Aquarium Time
Rock Snapper on a jig - Panama
88 lb. Goliath on a jig - Panama
55 lb. Cubera Snapper on a jig - Panama
Wahoo on a popper - Panama
Bill with a beast!
Richard, of Team Richard & Richard with a very nice Beach Snook on 10# Spin Class....
Tarpon Snook.
Striped Travalle. Of the 7 species of Travalle, we managed to get 6 of them leaving us short of the Golden Travalle.
Lake Wilson Peacock. A species that no longer alludes Troy.
The end of the lake/creek
Quad hook-up. Troy and all three guides
Triple Hook-up - Nick, Dave and Troy
Nice place to catch Bonefish in Hawaii
We had some Father and Son doubles during our week at Kiritimati on Christmas Island 2019.
Finally, GT on Fly but it was a 7wt Rod with 6wt Line and 16# Tippet. Not much backing so there was a brief chase before getting about 20 quick wraps back on the spool. It also took a Bonefish Fly.
Blue Travalle
Nice Bones....
Cranka Crabs work on Bones, trigger and everything else swimming...😁
Decent GT on Popper just outside in the channels between the Flats.
Dusky Travalle
Nasty Temper
Catch of The Day
56 lbs cobia, caught on my Red Snapper trip in Port St. Joe.
Real Fat Snook
Babies Are Back
We cath'em from 5oz to 80 lbs. :)
Grouper King of the day, Alex. Great Trip and good time.
Fresh Harvest
Nick's best of the day, just over 30 lbs.
Nick with a Great haul on the Wahoos, a few nice Mahi and Tuna
Dock Rat
UL 31" 9 # 10 oz
Jigging a Snack...
GeeTee...Just jiggin around the Island
Nick Robb Jiggin' them up
Zella finding the Big Black Drum
Troy Perez with an 80 Pounder
Double Header
6 pound 13 ounce Trigger
Eric with a nice tile fish
New Style Red
Snook/Tarpon Hole Invader
Pot belly pig 😎
SJR N of 520, Feb 18.
30lb Red
Gary Yuhas 45 lbs Cobia
After last year's Fishkill this is nice to see
They are beginning to trickle in
Getting Fat 1 of 8
Johns Island Mangroves
Definitely Lost
Speckled Perch
Channel Catfish
Brown Bullhead
Yellow Bullhead (Butter Cat, Yellow Belly, Butterball)
Speckled Perch
Stumpknocker (Spotted Sunfish)
277# Yellowfin on 80# standup gear.
13 pound 10 oz trippletail
FWC Slam # 4 part 3
FWC Slam # 4 part 2
FWC Slam # 4 part 1
Special Guest/Observer
FWC Slam Part 2
FWC Slam Part 3
FWC Slam Part 1
Bridget’s sail!
Ladies Day Out
First Fish 2019
Got a couple nice ones today too.
Carol with a couple of fat specs.
62" longnose gar weighed 32.34lbs.
Longnose Gar on LG
Big Wahoo on tournament Day! Nov 2018 Grand Bahama
After two weeks of offshore blue water tournament fishing in the Bahamas it was nice to find a pristine flat off Grand Bahama and break out the long rod for some solitude fishing.
Chunky Nov 2018 Snook off Rockledge Drive on 10lb spin and a Sebile lure. This was an aged old fish with the lateral line disappearing over the huge bulge in the girth. This fish was safely released.
Nov 2018 Bahamas Trigger on fly
Bahamas Wahoo Nov 2018
Bahamas Wahoo Nov 2018, bite is red hot this month
Lionfish from the FSFA reef on a finger mullet.
November 30 tripletail. Released.
My son Alan with the best of our largemouth from the C54 canal on Tuesday, Nov 27. Breezy, cloudy and cool prior to 1PM but he managed to dig out 18 to my one.....oh to be 50 something again.
Sebastian Snook
Out with Ryan...these fish PULL.
Wes' first red snapper.
Lorna's 4# test monster
No motor gator
Nice 14lb Mutton Snapper
C - 54
C - 54 Baby Speck
C - 54 Invader
C - 54 Surprise
St Johns River catfish, 32" long. Left my scale at home, 11# to 12# range estimated. My favorite warm weather fishing.
Summer Weather in the mountains of British Columbia
Brook Trout
Sea-run Cut-throat trout caught on the edge of Puget Sound in West Seattle
zella helton
47" redfish one of 3 over 45" Zella Helton
18 and 16 lbs - our two person limit on August 17
11 and 12 lbs on August 18
Larry with a really nice Red Snapper...keeper.
Rob with a very Nice Red Snapper, for Dinner.
Sundays catch of opening snapper weekend. 14.3 and 11 lb.
35.8 lb. gag caught during snapper weekend fishing with spinner and grunt chunk.
nice to be able to keep these
a good a of fishing with capt.troy perez snappers,cobia,barracude,and snook
zella with a nice snook 35" some of his tail missing
FSFA members Davin, Chris and Rob
zella 18lb redsnapper
Nice to have my sons home for the weekend
This morning with my daughter
Zella with a nice 27lb king. one of 8
Zella with a barracuda
37lb jack al perez
16lb bonito zella
zella with a 32lb jack
zella with a nice snapper
zella with a nice snapper in 45feet of water
Merritt Nord with a 32 inch Snook caught in the Canaveral Bight on a Bomber.
Queen Snapper caught in the Bahamas 1200' deep dropping
Kings are close to the beach!
Stephanie with another fantastic Ultra Light catch @ just over 21 pounds.
Charlie with 25 pounder. Missed First Place in the FSFA Tourney by 5 ounces...close. Next Year.
Carol with her personal best bass, 7lb.13oz.
Surprise 12LB catfish while fishing a Carolina rig for bass. Obviously he came home for dinner :)
first mutton snapper on fly
zella with a nice red 451/2"
7-12 girl, 1 of 35 taken by Steve & myself Saturday at the Stick Marsh fishing from Steve's flats boat.
Nice end of April Sail!
I enjoyed having Dave and Nick Robb on the boat. We had a fairly calm day to work the wrecks.
Nick releasing a solid 40" Tarpon
Glad we could find a time.
Fly at the secret spot...LOL. The PSJ Power Plant...Parking lot now.
Out with Dan taking some bigger and much more fun Jacks
Carol with one just under 6 lbs. on a top water
Just over 7 lbs. on a top water
8lb Jack on a fly.
Schooling in the IRL between 5.4 and 8.3#. Loads of fun and fantastic "eats" on Topwater or catch'em stealth mode on a Jig..tied by Dan Thompson
15# of sweetwater Cobia on 4# UL. Too bad this pond does not have visible public access cause lots of these live there.
Pre-spawn time C - 54
FW Tripltail...aka Mayan Cichlid
Chris and I out Thursday managed to get a few...up to about 72 pounds
Mini Cobia but fun with the light gear.
Nice big red snapper by the birthday girl.
Another red snapper from little man
Alexis’ 2nd Cobia of the day, just 3” too small.
Mangrove Thug
Attack Tarpon
That's what I love to find!!
29 pound Cobia
Three Forks 1st trip
January 31 sunset on the St. Johns
7lbs -- dinner!
Should we call it a meeting....Fish Fry at the March North Chapter Meeting.
The Sunshine Bass have made an early appearance...Good thing Stephanie fishes with me, that way I get to eat...LOL. I did get two of the little ones today.
15" tarpon in January in the Econ River south of St Rd 46. That's probably 200 miles from salt water.
4# test in Mangroves
Baby Thug...7 # 14 1/2 oz
17.5 #'s on fly.
Wesley Rupe with his first sheepshead
My son, Will, first time fishing for peacock bass
Peacock bass fishing with my nephew in Miami
Back in Miami for Christmas
My daughter Elena with her first Drum. Not bad at 29.5 lbs.!
Same Drum. Thanks to Dave Robb for showing me how and where to get these!
8 Year Old Carolyn Costello with her first Drum. Nice fish at 14.5 Lbs. As you can see she's just a little excited. Lost three nice ones over two days before she landed this one all by her self.
Sunset in Chokoloskee looking at the Everglades...never gets old.
We found these in the "secret" Snook spot...seems they like white bait too. Got the entire tackle box in the background, i.e. Glow Paddle Tail, White Gulp and plenty of Jig's.
Stephs Sheep-Zilla
Uh-Oh! 12/20/17 at Stick Marsh
33 " 12 # 11 1/2 oz Back country is loaded.
Flounder? I wish
Grabbing two hours of fishing before we had to go back and checkout...worth it!
Fairly certain that Ryan caught about 25 of these...smoked'em.
Charlie with a Peacock Bass on Fly...
another for good measure
Chokoloskee Stud Trout, fishing the Rips
Chokoloskee Redfish and that is Ryan under there. Cold wet day but fish were caught
We managed to find a Sheepshead hideout on Day 3
The Sheeps were absolutely on fire and really nice size. We caught them up to 4 pounds. Primary diet for these guys is Oysters and that flavor comes through in the Fillets. A real FLA Flavor, Yum.
Chokoloskee Snook at Sandfly Pass
Dave with a nice drum on fly
Zella with one of three tripletail on 4lb spin up to 8lb
Al Perez with a nice tripletail
Working the business end of a large tiger shark in the Bahamas
Bahamas Mutton Snapper from shore on artificial
Big Bahamas Trigger from shoreline on artificial
Grill size Yellowtail Snapper from shoreline on Artificial in the Bahamas
Bahamas mutton from shore
First pompano on fly.
On the small side
Pompano Catcher Fly. This is one my son tied for me when he was home on leave
Really Nice Drum at the Bridges
Dance Partner this morning...doing the "Tail Walk"
Pompano up to 4# in the River today
Tournament results
First blood on the new deck
Night shift with my friend Scott
About time I caught one of these
Paid the dues, put in the time and listen to Ryan...finally a stud Snook
Out with Chris having some fun on the Bait Pods. We found a bunch of hard pulling, drag burning players...poons and Sharks
Close,,,4 # 4 oz
Grandson & son with bookend big smallies caught Aug 11 Drummond Island, MI.
Tight to Cover
More fun with the silver king
Pulled this Goliath Grouper off a wreck while fishing with Chris and Elena Costello a couple of weeks ago. Released unharmed.
14lb, 14 oz permit caught on August 17
Doing work with Charlie and finding the Studs like this one that was over 2 hours of pulling.
Wrong spot
Took my friend out for his birthday. 46" Tarpon.
Elena Costello caught a couple of these bonito on a wreck
Chris Costello's daughter, Elena, caught her first kingfish on August 3
Max Alderman with his first cobia, caught on an offshore wreck
Max Alderman with his largest cuda
48" Cobia 36.5 pounds on 20 pound test
Fat Baby
zella 30"f snook
capt.troy perez 35lb king
zella 45lb cobia
A good day of fishing on the 4th of July!
Chloe with 32.6 on 15lb test line
CCA Sheepie Entry
CCA Trout Entry
14 lb. scamp caught during FSFA tourney. One of 5 grouper we got that day.
He couldn't resist shooting one with the speargun
My son was home for a couple days. Nice mangrove off a wreck.
Catching them on the White boat too..reviving
Not bad Sr. Cheif
zella with a 30lb red on a top water plug
Dave's First Cobia out with Ryan and Andre. The Cobia came boat side with the Jack...mistake.
Al Perez still bringing in the big ones
Zella Helton with a cobia
Zella with a nice trout
Stephanie with a beautiful 44"er ....way to go!
Faux Tarpon
Off the Structure on Fly...about the most I've worked for a 36" Drum keeping it and my fly line clear.
8A Memorial Day King with my daughter
Nice 34" IRL School Drum.... with a 23" Waist...right at 21.5 pounds. Nice Catch
Snook Thug
Glad I had to throw this one back😠
They're Back
Mangrove Mauler 19# 4 oz
started the morning with an AJ on a wreck
Nice morning, calm seas, hungry fish
First Club "LOGO" fish, ever.
Steve's 6-14 on windy Stick Marsh, 04/29
Carol's 3-9 on 04/29. You can tell avid Bassers by weather they fish in.
Steph and her beautiful Largemouthed Bass on Gold Spoon
Morning in the Hood
Bobber Bush Fruit
Stick Marsh April 25th, one of 57 for Steve & me.
Best of the very good day
Almost like the old days
Even a Chug Bug scored early
They just kept coming, from 7:30 to 3:00 PM
Tournament Trash...35 "
Stick Marsh Apr 21, nice morning before wind kicked up.
C - 54 improving
Lonesome George
Bobber Bass
Baby girl out doing dad again at Toho
Top Slot.
Steve Stewart with an inshore Pompano.
Lindsay Rowland March 2017 - 27.5", 6.5 LBS Seatrout on Fly
Literally ripped his Top Lip off during the fight...When fishing with Ryan "LockDown" Vetsch it is common..LOL Awesome night/morning fishing through the Sunrise.
The "Hell" Tide produces
16 lb bluefish. On the hunt to break some of the old records.
I have found these in LMB stomachs in excess of 10" long. Top-water early and a Prop on it aint a bad idea. Devilhorse or CharlieHorse lures will work for a few weeks while the Needlefish are here.
They have shown up in Force this year...leader up...
Vero 29 " 7 # 11 1/2 oz
A Little better today...a few footballs.
Another Bi-Catch fall victim to the Yellow Stick Shadd a Channel Catfish 12# 8oz Spin Tackle
Bi-Catch while chasing the Crooked Striped Marauders, nice 12# Long Nose on Spin/10# - Sebile'
6# 13oz Fatty...
They tend to hit like a Freight train on 10# Spin and Weightless Plastic
80# Black Drum on Plug
The best I've found for troll (when there is enough water) Lucky Craft MR80. Did not use it this year. The next several pics are related to the Freshwater Shad/Bass/Sunshine discussion North MTG
RattleTrap but by a different manufacturer (just a personal preference)
Standard Rapala X-Wrap I use trolling
Weightless Rigged Plastic Jerk Baits that I cast at schooling fish. Rig it either way Up or down like shown...they don't care.LOL
Slow Sinking Twitch Baits...for Casting at School Fish and Searching
Ralph & I experienced a controlled burn Mar 1st at Farm 13, made 11:30 am look like twilight.
Ralph with a nice Farm 13 bass, one of 21 for the day for he and Dave
Best of the 21 fish morning for Ralph & Dave, Wednesday Mar 1st.
Carol with one of her 5lb+ bass from the Marsh on 2/25/17. This one was 5.3#. One of 21 we caught that day.
More Stick Marsh results, this from Tuesday, 28th. An average LM here.
Ralph with a fat 5# LM, one of two best of the day.
Ralph with a second 5# Bass on Tuesday.
Solid pre spawn LMB.
23" by FAT for 8# Plug
3 # 12 oz Matrix Shad
3 # 7 1/2 oz Baby Vudu Shrimp
Ralph's back at it, just a 4.5# so far, one of 22 for the day at Farm 13
Managed a few myself at south end of Farm 13 on Tuesday morning, this chunk my best for the day.
Foggy Morning St Johns Pickerel
Zella Helton 51.8lb black drum on fly was release unharmed
6lb, 8 oz on LG
7lb, 8oz catfish
5/11 and 5/8
6lb.8oz. sunshine bass today. True fatty.
7.5lbs lake Harney
UL spec and catfish on rattletrap
Stick Marsh Feb 8th. Very few bass, good average size.
Best of the Feb 8th morning, 21.5", Texas rigged plastic.
First speck on a rattle trap
Hopefully this is the Start...Sunshine Hybrid Bass
Captain Troy Perez 61 lb on Fly!
Big Drum Day. 55 lb on LG
49 Lb On Gen 40 More Points. 40 more to go!
Not chewing like they should yet. New Location in lieu of Econ area
55# Black Drum 10lb Spin
36# Black Drum Fly
40# Black Drum General
Bowfin on 4lb test on a shad jig
We need to designate Tilapia a points fish. It ate a spro rattletrap
Lake Harney
Part of a 40 point day on the St Johns! I'll get there yet!
2lb, 4oz St Johns crappie caught by my wife, Margaret, who didn't want me to post her picture.
A 3.5er, 1 of 11 for the slow morning in Farm 13.
6#-9oz Stick Marsh pre-spawn lady, Jan 20th
14 pound trippletail 1/20/17
This shad looks like it went through some full contact sport to get here...least we can do is go catch'em.
PB Sheep 5/3. 20" Length x 16 3/4+" girth
SJR pickerel - 2lb, 6 oz.
Shad roe for dinner
They're here....
First tarpon on fly, thanks Everglades
Everglades magic
The Mullet doesn't have a chance
A couple shots that Stephanie got while we were out 1/1/17, this one she named: Pelican taketh
Point Fish????
3 # 8 oz
5# Sheepshead...tasty
Yellow Bullhead aka Butter Cat and Yellow Belly
C - 54 Specks
Last fish towards Grand Master 45" on UL 4# test.
plug tackle redfish using spooltek lure I got at the auction
Definitely Lost
Let's go Tarpon Fishing in December...12/7/16
Personal best Redfish. 37". 10 points on light general
Problem Child
The trip following the Club Auction...Windy Windy but we managed to get half dozen Drum and assorted Sheeps and Trout. Tarpon rolling but no takers today.
Caden w/ the best Sheep of the Day
Only took finding a school to finally get one on Fly
Pompano up over 4 pounds in the river
Might have been a 2 pound Spec if it had all of its tail... :)
Zella Helton with a nice snook 9lb on a pink jig :)
an "on the way in" surprise and a dinner guest
Almost dinner.
Charlie and I managed to get a few hours on the water Saturday...kept the smell off the boat.
Parked by Mathew
Out with Chris P. today and found this FATTY. Judging by her girth, she doesn't play the "mis-a-meal" game. Not so good note, Chris messed up his Arm helping me land this dinosaur.
Ryan and myself out chasing Reds and Tarpon...found a few. More Tarpon in Rinker Canal at the Mouth than I've ever seen. They are stacked up and a lot of them over the 4' mark.
Finally got one.
Went Red fishing yesterday and hooked Tarpon, went Tarpon fishing this morning and caught Reds...
Clown Knife Fish - Built to fight and can swim backwards to add that little extra pull and they jump like their on a trampoline
A little fun with the Peacocks in Palm Beach County with Dad and Brother
The other white meat...
Just shy of 15 Pounds...nice Channel Cat returned to the water
The size that makes me act like a kid...8# 6oz
Final CCA Entry 3 # 10 oz
Fattest Snook to date. 38" 22.5 lbs
Another great trip with Dave!
almost a dozen are finding their way to the smoker tomorrow...Charlie is hooking them up. Really good day today
Found the bait and these big ole Bonito's causing a lot of best to date, 13# 7oz and 35"
Found the right one at the end of my Jig...Finally
3 # 1 oz
CCA Entry
4 # 9 oz Log
Not Fun
Chattahoochee river long nose gar
Three this morning, all about the same size and same Jig
Bridget with a 17lb red snapper
Steve golf with a red snapper on 15lb test
First SJR trip since June 3rd. 2 decent cats before 8am.
We had to move to get away from these little guys this morning. Anyone looking for 11" Reds, let me know..LOL
Hanging out with the Rolling Tarpon...
First Tarpon and an Olympic Jumper (FUN)....Same Jig caught a Tarpon, a Red and a Sheepshead today
Last two hours of daylight...Simple 1/8th oz Jig w/ Bucktail.
CCA Entry
6 " water
Deep/Clean Water
Another big ug-lee
Biggest Snook to date. 39.5" and 20 lbs
38" upside down snook
36" Snook on a croaker
34" Snook on a bucktail
He was holding my spot..LOL
Released N-IRL
Even a Sailcat is kewl with FSFA...
Finally a "Sheepie of the Day"
Very kewl to find'em in the IRL. We sited and caught five today. Best of the day, just shy of 6#.
caught about 3' from the boat on retrieve...Great Species day for Steph with, Whiting, Sailcat, Tripletail, redfish, ladyfish and sheeps all today
Steph spotted this one and made a fantastic shot on it. Great Day for us.
From the Tarpon Grounds Saturday. We managed to get one to take but only gave one Big Jump and a Spit. The Tarpon were all around us, just not eating much.
My Nephew Caden with first Tarpon..there is a big'ole smile under his wrap
Sheepie of the day
30 " mangrove Snook
top water trout
like son 35.5"
Like father 32"
25.75" and THICK but only 4.89#, SP on Gulp
Released to Grow-up and become a Club fish
Another Anorexic Flounder
nice 8a surprise while live-baiting kingfish
Good Tarpon Team
Nice tarpon Dave
Nearly a Gator and only a touch over 3# @ 23"
one good one out of a couple dozen this morning
a ton of these Snappers 1/2 to 1 1/2 pound around the power plant
Steph getting in on the Littlest Jack contest..LOL
The Delaware Bay "Baby Drum" of the trip 20lbs
Del Bay Horseshoe Crab...blah
Little guys on the 3rd but a good variety
Little guys on the 3rd but a good variety
me and the Fly Rod getting along better now..LOL
Smallest Jack contest...
Del Bay Drum
Del Bay Drum
Anorexic Flounder
C-54 by Catch up to 1 # 5 oz
C-54 2 # 7 oz
HOUR JACK on Top Water popper aboard #finfactorcharters with Capt. Joe Smith and John Durkee
Bill Hendrix and I with a couple ENDANGERED RED SNAPPERS caught and RELEASED ALIVE. We caught quite a few on Saturady during the CFOA tourney aboard #finfactorcharters with Capt.Joe Smith/John Durkee
My son, Will, pulled up this 20lb ARS on May 19. Safely released, it swam back to the bottom, but apparently is counted by NOAA Fisheries as a "removal".
Econ gives up another good one
15 # 15 oz on 4 #
26 pound King on 8A
Econ river with my son
On the N-IRL for a "quick" Mothers Day look-and-see where they are... one @ 26.25" and this one @ 27.25"
largest of 7 catfish on May 6
1 of 5 channel cat for Bill & Dave from SJR near Rt 520 on May 3rd
Spotted Sunfish aka Stumpknocker
These little guys are good for big Cats
It's what has been working..Cats and Panfish
Steph with a fighting surprise, 7lb 4oz Channel Cat on White Sebile U. Nope, she don't like getting near Cats that don't have fur.
First Point Fish for Steph LMB..3lbs 14oz White Sebile U
7lbs 14oz North Lake Harney (Live Shiner)
15lbs 7oz / Live Shiner / South Lake Harney area
Football time for Ryan - one of two caught on 4/29/16
They say that someone from the past has returned to say hello if one of these visits you offshore...
Today's Lure Sebile 90mm Floating Wake Bait view2
Today's Lure Sebile 90mm Floating Wake Bait view 1
4lb 13oz, SJR North Lake Harney
I got to take a good friend out for bass this morning.
4lb LMB on 4-28
3 # 10 oz 18 " Fun Size
They are thick on the St Johns right now (Hwy 46 - Harney). This is the groceries to supercharge the Green Fishes.
Late April surprise 3lbs 4oz
5lb 12oz LMB (P)
14lb blackfin tuna on April 26
April 26. 25lb cow.
Blackfin 17 pounds 4/24
4/22 part of the 109 LMB day
4/22 part of the 109 LMB day
4/22 part of the 109 LMB day
Mangrove Mauler
Denny with one of the Stick Marsh Weed Bass on 'Earth Day'
'Mr Whiskers' took a 'Chug Bug' at the Marsh, a personal first.
One of 16 from the Stick Marsh on Apr 22nd.
Another nice morning on the St Johns
5.05# Fly
Red Ear Sunfish (ShellCracker)
FSFA members Owen, John, Steve, Chris with a nice dolphin catch out of Port Canaveral on the "No Fear". April 12, 2016
9 of 25 at stick marsh on 4/12/16
20 of 25 at stick marsh on 4/12/16
Lake Harney Bass on April 14. I need longer arms.
A 4+ at Stick Marsh on April 13th, one of 29 taken by Steve Collins and myself on a pretty day.
Steve took this 6-2 at the Marsh on a small plastic craw w 4# UL, a 20 point fish, bringing him one step closer to Bass species master.
Steve with another good-un at Stick Marsh on April 13th.
First time I've caught a Bowfin in with Schooling Bass, on twitch bait (P)
First Fish on Fly...and it begins
can't get much closer...trying out Carolina Rig w/ Gulp
Little Channel Cat
Nice surprise while LMB School fishing. I dropped her back in the water before a proper picture...oh well, she was going back anyway.
They're back!!!
4 # test
Grocery haul
The Werner's w nice double, Will trying to make sure his appears bigger than his dad's.
Dave's son 'Alan' with 6.5# stick marsh bass on April 1st.
Alan w 5.5# bass taken early on April 1st.
Grandson 'Will' with 4.0# bass, one of 25 for the boat on April 1st.
Dave's grandson 'Will' with 6.5 SJR catfish on slow day
Fished with Steve C. today and got this beauty...6lb 8oz (SP)
a few pictures from the St Johns River last few weeks/Month
56 lb. King. On 8A 3-25-16
SJR Cat #5
Ralph w SJR Cat #3
SJR Cat #1
C - 54 1 # 3 oz
C - 54 ! # 6oz
C - 54 Speckzilla
Dolphin caught be Steve Goff on Bahamas trip with Richard Bostrom and Chuck Rehm 3-16-16
Bonefishing in Bahamas Feb 2016
Terry Winn with Wahoo, 03/16/16, 80# gen tackle, 42# 14oz, north Ponce @ 140', high speed lure, caught with Jon Turner.
Dave w 1 of 24 Stick Marsh bass Ralph & he got 03-17.
Dave's friend Ralph w 6# Stick Marsh bass 03-17
47" red on a white Gibbs Bottle Nose
Chris and Elena Costello with Sunshine Bass
Elena Costello with her 4lb, 15 oz Sunshine Bass
46.5# Black Drum on Plug - 3/4/16 by Ryan Vetsch
46# Black Drum on 10# Spin by Leon Vetsch - 3/4/16
Max Alderman with a 4lb, 4 oz sunshine bass
peacock bass fishing in Miami
Good afternoon on Feb 19
5lb, 11 oz sunshine bass
Tarpon Practice
Shad are here, keep an eye out for the Reel Time boat coming to our area soon ...
We like tagging them!!
Good fish, bad timing!
Good Day on the bottom
Our first Sail
Our 2nd Sail
Our BIGGEST Sail so far!
Chris Pashos with Gag Grouper 38.5 Pounds. Heavy weight 2015, caught 12/31/2015
Margaret Thompson with the first shad of the morning, which became bait for catfish
Dan Thompson with a 10lb, 6 oz channel catfish caught on Jan. 29, 2016
SJR Lady 01-25-16
Jan 2016 North IRL
Jan 2016 North IRL
14 spot Johns Island
UAE near Fujairah 2015- Same fishery as here, red snapper, dolphin, tuna, grouper, mackerals. Our charter was cancelled due to hostile activity in the nearshore waters so we went to this fish market.
Kristine's First Sailfish- Isla Mujeries Mexico -2015
Isla Mujeries Mexico- 2015 black grouper while trolling behind a sail boat
Northern Pike from Northern Canada - 2015
Yellowtail Snapper on fly- FL Keys 2015
Redfish outside of Port Canaveral on the Maverick -2015
Jeff Cunningham on the Maverick with a slob redfish outside Port Canaveral -2015
Walleye on fly from northern Canada -2015
Big girl on the Jig
Overslot before Christms
One of a lot of reds that day
Slot snook that went home for dinner
Overslot before the front
12/22/15 Wabasso Trout
Wabasso Last slot Snook for 2015
Wabasso 27 plus inches
Wabasso average size
Wabasso UL 27 " 5 # 9 oz
All Slabs
Good day at the stick marsh
Another good day at the stick marsh
Not bad for a couple of hours
Valkaria, Pompano 2 # 5 oz
Valkaria, Pompano 1# 13 oz
Nice Bull
C - 54 11/24/15 1 # 11 oz
C - 54 11/24/15 1 # 9 oz
C - 54 11/24/15 Dinner
C - 54 11/24/15 2 of 11
C - 54 11/24/15 6 of 11
C - 54 11/18/15 Bream 1
C - 54 11/18/15 Bream 2
C - 54 11/18/15 Speck 2
C - 54 11/18/15 Speck 1
C - 54 11/18/15 Triple Tail
20 MAHI out of Seb Inlet Nov 12. Found on debris.
A nice White Marlin
A Blue Marlin Catching Some Air!
A Monster Yellow Eye (22lbs)
2 at a time
Debby Silva. 39" Redfish. Mouth of the Port. 6# test. Live finger mullet. 11-2-15
A good day at lake Washington
I am a believer. Thanks Dave
Wabasso Ramp at high water.
Nice ladies playing guitar.
1st Snook on his boat
A lotta fun on light gear
31 lb Red Grouper and mounted on my wall!
Sept. 28, 2015 Jack
Getting ready for a day of fishing from Capt. Hiram's
A nice dolphin going airborne at Capt. Hiram's event
The start of a nice-weather day. Capt. Hiram's event
The Rowlands with simultaneous dolphin. Capt. Hiram's event.
9/21 more LW Specks
Lk Wash'n Specks
Map of KSC Fishing area. Goes with Description under "News" section of web site
25 lb. Mahi coming to gaff
UL Barracuda caught over a wreck - 21lb, 11oz
Sebastian Inlet Redfish. July 25, 2015
May 2015 opening grouper day

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