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Welcome to the FSFA Website

The FSFA was established in 1968. It is a family oriented, non profit organization dedicated to promote and advance the enjoyment of sport fishing in the Space Coast area and throughout the state of Florida. The Club is actively involved in resource conservation, artificial reef building, youth projects and community service. Through education and economic contribution, the FSFA strives to do its part to preserve and enhance the precious marine resources for future generations to enjoy. 

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FSFA has monthly Club Meetings at two locations;

FSFA South location club meetings are on the 2nd Tuesday of the month at 6:30 pm, Front Street Civic Center. Location:  2205 Front Street, Melbourne, Fl 32901.

FSFA Central location club meetings are on the 4th Tuesday of the month at 6:30 pm, Veteran’s Memorial Park. Location: 400 South Sykes Creek Parkway, Merritt Island, Fl 32952.

 Meetings start with a social time from 6:30 – 7:00 pm where food and drinks are provided for a donation. At 7:00 pm guest speakers educate and entertain us with both inshore and offshore fishing topics.

In June we have our Annual Offshore Slam Tournament, which typically attracts about 150 fishing teams and is our biggest fundraiser. During the year the club has a point system for keeping track of members’ catches. Occasionally one of our members earns enough points (1,000) to become a Grand Master, which is a tremendous achievement that we celebrate at the Annual Awards Banquet in January. We also crown Club Champs (Overall, Saltwater, and Freshwater) and recognize Fish of the Month winners and announce the Fish of the Year. During the Banquet members are encouraged to offer Members’ Challenges to catch specific species in a specific manner. The challenges come with a monetary award, and winners are announced at the Banquet.

Meetings are open to the public. If you would like to join the FSFA, the membership fee is $50.00 annually from enrollment date and you can join at any club meeting. The FSFA Board welcomes you to our Club Meetings and are available for any questions you may have regarding FSFA and the various amenities the Club offers.

     Artificial Reef to be built off Brevard County 



FSFA Providing Fishing Opportunities

FSFA has been involved in deploying artificial reefs since the 1970’s in order to provide increased fishing success out of Port Canaveral.  The most recent effort has been the artificial reef site 16 miles due east of the port in 80 foot depth.  We began this effort working with Brevard county as well as CFOA and CCA in 2013.  Since that time we have deployed 8 artificial reefs at that location and we have already been funded for another reef in 2024.  This reef will be the biggest to date with a gross weight in excess of 800 tons. These reefs become a heaven for all species of fish,  both bottom and pelagic, which in turn provides anglers for more structure to pursue their sport.

There is also a new effort to acquire a permit for a 2.5 mile reef directly east of the cocoa beach pier.  This reef will be within state waters and FWC rules will apply instead of federal regulations.  This means that legal sized red snapper will be open for harvest year-round.  We are hopeful to get this site permitted in 2024 with a deployment in 2025 – 2026 timeframe. 

Your support and contributions make the artificial reef project a reality for the fishing community and local businesses.

Foam fly poppers, no chance at surviving through one fish
Flying Saucer
Found some big bluefish on January 1, 2024.
Sunrise thanks to Canada
Orphans abandoned in the Mangroves
Penn Slammer 2500HS, 10# Braid w/ 30# Floro...tuna reel.
Not just for topwater bass fishing anymore...light tuna
West End Grand Bahamas 6-21-2023
West End Grand Bahamas 6-21-2023
West End Grand Bahamas 6-21-2023
West End Grand Bahamas 6-21-2023
Tarpon hole
Catch of the day
Catch of the day
May 30 -- 28lbs, according to the boga grip
Grouper Finger
Mark with a 42 lb dolphin from Bakers Bay Abacos
Dolphin 19.3 kg = 42.54 lbs weighed by Ed Dwyer at Bakers Bay Abacos
Ed playing the role of weigh master for this dolphin
Wheel barrel full of meat fish from Bakers Bay Abacos
The red fish appeare to be on nearly every shoreline in my area. The water is surprisingly clear.. Bait and artificial seem to be just fine right now. Our new member George and of course Frank, reel
1981 - on our 222 Auquasport
Triggerfish while fishing for Yellowtail Snapper in Key Largo
Key Largo AJ
Wind Special
Sadist's protege
Sadistic Snook
Took my Minnesota friend fishing South of and in the inlet today where we landed an assortment of Bluefish, Flounder, catfish, small snook and trout. Seemed like no one else was on the water with us.
1st Slot 2023 4 # Test
This would turn out to be the one I've been chasing going in to the 5th year/season now. Really tuff challenge to complete when these beeder sizes are only here for about 5 weeks per year.
Little Ugly
Short of goal
I got a chance to Field test (find fish, burn drag) the new PENN AUTHORITY High Speed Spin in 2500 series. I loaded it with 20# braid. Cranked the drag down tight and went to work. Feather smooth
My sister Debi and brother in law drove over from Astatula early this morning. I reckon they got found. 11 Drum and back at the ramp by 10. 38" to 45" range in this school. They like gulp better
C - 54 Special
Early Season
All of the fish in the school were plus or -3" in length plus or -4" in girth of this fish. When you find them like this they will darn near eat a painted hook.
River Baby
Baby Got Back...7 # 4 oz
We found about 80 Rays... no Cobia on them yet. Water was 78.7° this morning. Reds and Snook are loaded. Go early for best artificial catch. Once bait fishing folks show up later, the artifici
12' deep, north of tip. Follow the flying fish... 😆
Almost broke my rod when it made its second blistering 250 yard run. I was using my 2 speed Penn with General #80 main line, 120# Florocarbon Leader....phew
Mangrove In Disguise
Fun Time
Mangrove Runner...4 # test
22 lbs on slow pitch jig
Couple players today.
They are back in force. River has 20pt Fly, Ultra, Spin and Plug...occasionally the 10pt LG is there. LG and G is typically in the ocean school, Feb Mar time frame. Up to 110# Drum in that school.
PB on the IRL.
Baby Vudu at Work
4 # Test Fun
Brawlers Neighbor
Mangrove Brawler
A Real Striped Bass/Striper. We have never seen one this big this far south. Also, very late in the year. Typical non-hybrid Stripers run in the 2.75 to 4# range and in the winter when they are
230 am under the full moon....