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1658 photo(s) Updated on: Wednesday, September 14, 2022
  • Dock Brawler
  • Night bite.. larger channel cats. This one was just shy shade over 9#. Spawn should start soon. Great opportunity for topwater and artificial. For fly fishing, oversized clouser/baitfish
  • Not pretty but great on fly.. shade over 5#. Took the Mullet Fly intended for others.
  • Mangrove Surprise
  • 3rd CCA Entry 34 "
  • Got a good one today with Dave Robb.
  • 2nd CCA Entry
  • 1st CCA entry 28.5 "
  • Friendly reminder... Don't take Tarpon out of the water for picture. Over 40" it actually illegal to lift from water, even briefly. If you do, I wouldn't post the pic. Tricky fish to measure in
  • I've hooked 8 beach tarpon this year so far, but this is the only one that stayed hooked. Most were 40-80 lbs, but I had a triple digit on for one jump. I use live pogies, pilchards, and threadfins on
  • 31.5" snook ate right at the boat. Live mullet.
  • Nice mixed bag of triggers, tiles, porgy, snapper, and mahi.
  • Here's one of many big ones I've caught in the dark. I'd say mid 40s and probably 35-40 lbs because of how thick thus fish was.
  • 48 inch light tackle flats monster
  • Orinoco Sailfin Catfish. Freshwater St John's. Cast netting shiners
  • Topwater still working a little
  • 11" Big Mouth Bass candy 🍬
  • They are slowing down
  • Eric throwing back the short ones
  • Swordspine Snook
  • We easily limited on king mackerel with live bait.
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