534 photo(s) Updated on: Thursday, October 12, 2017
  • Lindsay Rowland March 2017 - 27.5", 6.5 LBS Seatrout on Fly
  • Literally ripped his Top Lip off during the fight...When fishing with Ryan "LockDown" Vetsch it is common..LOL Awesome night/morning fishing through the Sunrise.
  • The "Hell" Tide produces
  • 16 lb bluefish. On the hunt to break some of the old records.
  • I have found these in LMB stomachs in excess of 10" long. Top-water early and a Prop on it aint a bad idea. Devilhorse or CharlieHorse lures will work for a few weeks while the Needlefish are here.
  • They have shown up in Force this year...leader up...
  • Vero 29 " 7 # 11 1/2 oz
  • A Little better today...a few footballs.
  • Another Bi-Catch fall victim to the Yellow Stick Shadd a Channel Catfish 12# 8oz Spin Tackle
  • Bi-Catch while chasing the Crooked Striped Marauders, nice 12# Long Nose on Spin/10# - Sebile'
  • 6# 13oz Fatty...
  • They tend to hit like a Freight train on 10# Spin and Weightless Plastic
  • 80# Black Drum on Plug
  • The best I've found for troll (when there is enough water) Lucky Craft MR80. Did not use it this year. The next several pics are related to the Freshwater Shad/Bass/Sunshine discussion North MTG
  • RattleTrap but by a different manufacturer (just a personal preference)
  • Standard Rapala X-Wrap I use trolling
  • Weightless Rigged Plastic Jerk Baits that I cast at schooling fish. Rig it either way Up or down like shown...they don't care.LOL
  • Slow Sinking Twitch Baits...for Casting at School Fish and Searching
  • Ralph & I experienced a controlled burn Mar 1st at Farm 13, made 11:30 am look like twilight.

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